All programs for the visually impaired use speaking installers

Learn English with SpeakingTeacher

Brush up on both writing and listening skills!

Write your own new test files

... and learn your words, phrases and collocations.

SpeakingTeacher can work in mode for non-disabled people and in special mode for the blinds, speaking everything what is needed !

Although SpeakingTeacher has been designed for learning English, it can be eventually used for learning other languages by the English speaking people(...) Read more

OS: Win XP, WIN 7 - Version 1.0 published in May 2016

Shadow and fLame - Sound Editor for the blinds version 2.0 Updated in Jun.2016

The second version of the sound editor uses quick speech. Most voice information has been recorded.

Due to recorded and prepared speech that is ready to speak the sound editor has a very short time of reaction to the actions what is useful when working with a keyboard.

Another helpful feature is using stereo sounds. Sound editor indicates on which sound track are carried out the tasks by speaking from left, right or both channels.

The Shadow and flame also changes the pitch of the voice.

Version 2.0 has been simplified. Sound Editor always works in 2 channels and 16 bits (high quality - other sound formats can be opened)

There is no need to worry about the different sound formats during the edition of the sounds (...) Read more

OS: Win XP, WIN 7

Accessible for the blinds MP3 converted, MP3TAG editor.

Updated to Version 2.0 June 2016 - adapted to Win 7

Simple MP3 converter, free

some techniques were tested in it such as change the whole background colour and speaking using different voices

Accessible converter is also helpful to edit the mp3 descriptions(...)

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OS: Win XP, WIN 7

My first sound editor that

shows full of colours graphics,

Shadow graph a new technique of drawing graphs has been invented

High quality conversion - linear conversion has been applied.

Unfortunately it hasn't been developed and updated.

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works only under OS Win XP

For publishers

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